Incorporated 6/20/2017. We are the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake (DSSL). An official Utah-based chapter of the national Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Entirely member-funded. Sorry Soros!

What do we do?

Most of our work is performed through the Committees and all of their meetings are open to the public, though voting rights are reserved for dues-current members only:

The Coordinating Committee. (CorCom) The 11-person core group of the organization. Elected by the membership every May. They make sure everything runs smoothly. Made up of 2 Co-Chairs, 2 Co-Secretaries, 2 Co-Membership Coordinators, 1 Treasurer, and 4 At-large members. Their duties are outlined in our bylaws.

The Communications Committee. (ComCom) Headed by CorCom members with secretarial duties. This committee serves to keep the technical aspects of the organization functioning and a steady supply of TᕼEᗰ ᗪᗩᑎK ᗰEᗰEᔕ to your social media feeds. Also combined with our Book Club.

The Housing Committee. Fighting for affordable housing by working to build tenant power and connect with similar groups. Their flagship project is Salt Lake Renters.

The Mutual Aid Committee. Engaged in helping the houseless with The Union for Street Solidarity.

The Labor Working Group. Involved in labor organizing and the fight for workplace democracy.

Engagement Committee. Yep. The focus of this committee is to I͎N͎C͎R͎E͎A͎S͎E͎ ͎E͎N͎G͎A͎G͎E͎M͎E͎N͎T͎ by reaching out to inactive membership and keeping active membership engaged. The Co-Membership Coordinators organize around engagement.

Electoral Politics Committee.

Socialist Feminist Committee.

Ecosocialist Working Group. You can’t be an environmentalist if you’re not anti-capitalist! We advocate for a Green New Deal.

Medicare 4 All. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

YDSA. More of a student led section of the DSA than a committee. YDSA chapters play an important role in organizing students and other youth on campus. Our local ones include UofU and USU.


No active campaigns yet!

Friends of DSSL

Why change your name from “Salt Lake Democratic Socialists of America” to “Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake”? Why’d y’all get rid of “America” in your name?

Because this is a country built on native corpses and black backs. We don’t really want to be associated with genocide.

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